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Techie LLC is a Texas Registered and locally owned business residing in San Antonio. Designed to cater to a demand, in meeting the needs of hard working San Antonio residents, that desire a patient, friendly and  professional computer technician at their place of home or business, yet don’t need the inconvenience of having to work around the hours of repair shops which only are open when you are at work or taking care of daily errands.


   After Hours at normal prices instead of after hours extra cost, along with excellent customer service and 17 years of experience in computer repairs and sales are what make Techie LLC unique in it’s service. Unlike the computer geeks or nerds who expect you to understand the technical jargon, in order to help them understand your request. Techie works in the other direction. With the experience of interacting directly with common users, and then interpreting it into the technical lingo. This opens the communication for both sides, creating a happier transaction.

With Techie you are placed in the utmost best of care. David Medellin (Owner) and Technician brings to you not only a Degree in Electronics Engineering but over 17 Years of computer repair experience, and over 10 years of friendly helpful retail sales experience in various computer stores and office supply chains. Not to exclude earning loyal customers through business sales career path.

Currently in his second career in the I.T. Field with a larger corporation. David currently supports troubleshooting and solution repairs for over 600 Networked PC’s and Printers. This type of exposure to so many daily situations is what prepares one, for a vast of possible scenarios which could befall a PC.

To me. Working with computers or fixing problems isn’t a job, but rather an odd pleasurable obsession. It’s the excitement of a new challenge to overcome! With each new version of Windows, starting as far back as Windows 3.0 mastering each OS to today’s current version of Windows 7. There are very few things that haven’t been revealed and overcome.

The goal is to return your PC back to it’s enjoyable state of which you first purchased and were impressed by.

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